Bring to bear is a modern folk metal band from the UK, on an adventure of making metal with meaning and looking to inspire others along the way. Born out of the pandemic by long-time friends and bandmates Hristo Nikolov and Ian Tarboton, the clan came together one by one, each with the same desire and a unique set of skills and stories.

Their music combines the ethereal tones of female singing with harsh growls, hard hitting metal with light-footed accordion. Guitars swap between lead and rhythm, often play-fighting with accordion, to create strong melodies and plenty of opportunities to head-bang.

Bring to Bear seeks authenticity and meaning through music that gives a feeling of adventure, discovery, and courage. They love the adventure of going after their dreams and inspiring others to do the same. For Bring to Bear this is the music, but what will their music inspire you to do?

Simon - drums

Ian - accordion, keys, growling

Holly - lead vocals

Hristo - guitar

Richard - bass